Volume 17 July 2016

| September 6, 2016


Volume 17 July 2016

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  1. Foreword. 
    Francisco Perlas Dumanig, Ph. D.
  2. Analysis of in-class Writing Errors of College Freshmen Students. 
    Peter Jon Loyola Mendoza
  3. Writing Patterns of Omani Learners of English as a Foreign Language (EFL).
    Francisco Perlas Dumanig
    Maya Khemlani David
    Ali Hubais
  4. Discourse Analysis of Research Introduction and its Pedagogical Implications to ESL Writing Classroom
    Irish Mae G. Fernandez
  5. Building on Children’s Linguistic Resources: A Socio-culturally Responsive Pedagogy for English Language Teaching in Pakistan
    Syed Abdul Manan
  6. Where is the CR? A Description of Philippine English in Hawaii
    Rodney C. Jubilado

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