Volume 15 July 2015

| November 27, 2015


Volume 15 July 2015

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  1. Leah Espada-Gustilo. Foreword
  2. Mohammad Shamsuzzaman, John Everatt, and Brigid McNeill. Effects of Vocabulary and Grammar on English L2 Writing by Learners from Chinese and Non-Chinese Backgrounds
  3. Yi-chen Chen. Metaphoric Competence of EFL Learners in EAP Writing
  4. Wilkinson Daniel Wong Gonzales and Patrisha Lliane Torres. Looking at CIRC through Quantitative Lenses: Can it Improve the Reading Comprehension of Filipino ESL Learners?
  5. Glyn B. Gabano-Magbanua. Developing Word Recognition Skills of Dyslexic Students through Phonological and Strategy Training.
  6. Jose Robert Reyes. An Investigative Analysis of the Perception and Apprehension of Language Teachers on Research and Research Pursuits

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