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| January 22, 2014

| Volume 4 February 2010 |

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The current edition of the Philippine ESL Journal features very interesting articles from faculty members and students from De La Salle University-Manila and Mahidol University, Thailand. The Philippine ESL journal is greatly honored to be a new venue for submissions from teachers and students of their various research on language teaching, second language acquisition and learning. The first article from Lucas et al. presents the intrinsic

motivations that compel students in learning the English language in selected tertiary institutions in Manila. It was found that students are intrinsically motivated to learn speaking and reading skills via IM knowledge and accomplishment. The results suggest that these learners are motivated to learn these communicative skills because they find these skills interesting and relevant to their learning. Moreover, the knowledge of these communicative skills seems to help them achieve their learning goals from which they will benefit from the future.

The second article written by Gustilo looks into the distribution and the functions of the semantic classes of adverbial clauses in the different organizational sections of L2 research articles in the field of applied linguistics and language teaching. The paper recommended that more studies be done such that the utilization of adverbial clauses in different genres of discourse can be explored and comparisons of findings can be done across genres and across languages.

The third article presented by Barrot examines the accuracy order of selected grammatical morphemes in students’ narrative and expository essays and its implications for language teaching. The results suggest that the accuracy order of selected morphemes in the monitored written compositions of Filipino adult language learners presented variation from the established accuracy order in unmonitored language use (Villiers and de Villiers, 1973, Dulay and Burt, 1973/1974, and Bailey, Madden and Krashen, 1974). Moreover, the study presents some pedagogical implications of the accuracy order for syllabus design and national curriculum development.

Siregar’s article investigates Indonesian students’ attitudes toward American English, British English and Englishes in Southeast Asia (Philippine English, Singaporean English, and Malaysian English), and their various contexts of use in Indonesia. The result of the study which seems to agree with previous studies (Giles 1970, Ryan et al. 1984, Garrett et al. 2003, Hiraga 2005), suggests that learners have more positive attitudes toward types of English which have a more prestigious status.

The fifth article written by Go and Miraflores, focuses on how the whole object assumption is superseded by mutual exclusivity. These are some language learning constraints that aid young children in their development of speech. The results of the study yield very interesting results such as: (1) striking colors and brightly colored patterns are observed to influence young children’s perception of whole objects; (2) mutual exclusivity is only applied to novel word learning which is salient depending on the cognitive maturity of children and finally, joint reference is less significant in word learning as children develop verbally and are less dependent on linguistic cues.

I wish to thank Dr. Paul Robertson for bringing to the country this very important online journal as a new venue to showcase the research done by teachers and students. Kudos to Dr. Carlo Magno, the Editor of this journal, for his commitment to the propagation of research in second language acquisition and learning and language teaching in the Philippines.

Volume 4. February 2010.

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1. Foreword. Rochelle Irene Lucas, Editor, Philippine ESL Journal PDF

2. Rochelle Irene Lucas, Dennis Pulido, Edna Miraflores, Aileen Ignacio, Manuelito Tacay and Janifer Lao. A Study on the Intrinsic Motivation Factors in Second Language Learning Among Selected Freshman Students PDF

3. Leah. E. Gustilo. “Although if is more frequent than whether…”: An Analysis of the Uses of Adverbial Clauses in Philippine English Research PDF

4. Jessie S. Barrot. Accuracy Order of Selected Grammatical Morphemes in the Monitored Written Compositions of Filipino Adult Language Learners PDF

5. Fenty L. Siregar. The Language Attitudes of Students of English Literature and D3 English at Maranatha Christian University toward American English, British English and Englishes in Southeast Asia, and their various contexts of use in Indonesia PDF

6. Diana Ilishera A. Go and Edna S. Miraflores. The Effects of Joint Reference and Mutual Exclusivity on the Application of Whole-Object Assumption in Filipino Preschoolers PDF

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