Educational Settings and Second Language Learning

| January 21, 2014

| Volume 1 Index August 2008 |

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Educational Settings and Second Language Learning


Rod Ellis

Chang Jiang Scholar of Shanghai International Studies University and University of Auckland


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Professor Ellis, a renowned linguist, received his Doctorate from the University of London and his Master of Education from the University of Bristol. A former professor at Temple University both in Japan and the US, Prof. Ellis has taught in numerous positions in England, Japan, the US, Zambia and New Zealand. Dr. Ellis, who is known as the “Father of Second Language Acquisition”, has served as the Director of the Institute of Language Teaching and Learning at the University of Auckland. Author of numerous student and teacher training textbooks for Prentice Hall and Oxford University Press, Prof. Ellis’s textbooks on Second Language Acquisition and Grammar are core textbooks in TESOL and Linguistics programs around the world.

Key words:– ‘natural’ and ‘educational’ settings,  ‘non-forms’,‘weak forms’, The language classroom setting

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