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| January 21, 2014

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On behalf of my co-editors, Dr. Carlo Magno and Dr. Danilo Dayag, we are grateful to the founders of this journal, Dr. Paul Robertson and Dr. John Adamson for the opportunity they have opened to our teachers and students in the Philippines who are doing research in the field of second language acquisition and learning. We are also honored to feature some of the studies done by our esteemed colleagues from De La Salle University-Manila; College of St. Benilde and the University of Santo Tomas.

The first article on metalinguistic awareness of pre-school children was a study done by Shirley Dita. Her paper focuses on how the degree of bilingualism affects metalinguistic awareness of preschool Filipino children. It contrasts partial and full bilinguals’ performance in three tests: language arbitrariness test, phonological awareness. In general, she found that full bilinguals outscored the partial bilinguals in the three metalinguistic awareness tests.

The second article was done by Johnny Amora and Alejandro Bernardo. The study aims to test and refine the L2 vocabulary learning strategies inventory using the Rasch model. Ariane Borlongan’s article examines the language use, attitudes, and identity in relation to Philippine English among young generation Filipinos. The findings reveal that most domains of use and verbal activities are dominated by English as the language of current usage and prestige.

Leah Gustilo’s study investigates how writing should be viewed as multiprocesses. She analyzed sentence-level errors and suggests ways for pedagogical enhancement within the classroom context and experiences of writers.

And finally, Carlo Magno presents a very interesting study on how Filipino college students first learned to speak their second language, English. The study presented how several theories may help account how a second language is acquired and how several factors may aid in the learning of English at the early stage of linguistic development.

Rochelle Irene G. Lucas


Philippine ESL Journal

Volume 3. July 2009.

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Special Issue on ESL Acquisition and Learning Articles

Foreword. Rochelle Irene Lucas, Editor, Philippine ESL Journal

1. Shirley Dita. The Metalinguistic Awareness of Filipino Bilingual Children

2. Johnny Amora and Alexandro Bernardo. Testing and Reducing L2 Vocabulary Learning Strategies Inventory Using Rasch Model

3. Ariane Macalinga Borlongan. A Survey on Language Use, Attitudes, and Identity in Relation to Philippine English among Young Generation Filipinos: An Initial Sample from a Private University

4. Leah Espada-Gustilo. Sentence-level Errors in ESL Writers’ Diagnostic Essays: What students have achieved and what we can do.

5. Carlo Magno. How I Learned to Speak English?: Factors Involved in ESL Acquisition among Filipinos

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