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| January 20, 2014

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Volume 3. July 2009.

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Special Issue on ESL Acquisition and Learning Articles

Foreword. Rochelle Irene Lucas, Editor, Philippine ESL Journal

1. Shirley Dita. The Metalinguistic Awareness of Filipino Bilingual Children

2. Johnny Amora and Alexandro Bernardo. Testing and Reducing L2 Vocabulary Learning Strategies Inventory Using Rasch Model

3. Ariane Macalinga Borlongan. A Survey on Language Use, Attitudes, and Identity in Relation to Philippine English among Young Generation Filipinos: An Initial Sample from a Private University

4. Leah Espada-Gustilo. Sentence-level Errors in ESL Writers’ Diagnostic Essays: What students have achieved and what we can do.

5. Carlo Magno. How I Learned to Speak English?: Factors Involved in ESL Acquisition among Filipinos

Volume 2. February 2009.

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1. Foreword. Carlo Magno

2. Ralph Blay, Kathleen Ann Mercado, and Jobell Villacorta. The Relationship between Motivation and Second Language Reading Comprehension among Fourth Grade Filipino Students

3. Elaine M. Masangya and Louella Lozada. An Investigation on the Relationship between the Language Exposures and Errors in English Essays of High School students

4. Paul Kelvin Ong, Vernese Liao, and Rosemarie Alimon. Effect of Speaker Accent on Students’ Learning and Speaker-Rating: A Replication.

5. Carlo Magno. Developing Contemporary Teaching Perspectives for EFL Teachers.

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