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| January 20, 2014

| Volume 5 July 2010 |

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Welcome to the Special Issue of the Philippine ESL Journal!

This special issue is an offshoot of the concerted efforts of the eight authors and the pool of experts who meticulously reviewed the articles included in this volume. The eight carefully selected and evaluated papers cover a wide spectrum of topics in English language teaching in the Philippines. The proponents are from the leading universities in the country and from other reputable learning institutions beyond the walls of the National Capital Region. Hence, the Journal has become a very suitable venue for their scholarly publications that regard ESL teachers in the local and global language instruction milieu as their target audience.

The featured articles in this volume were written by Zayda S. Asuncion (St. Mary’s University-Nueva Vizcaya), Marites B. Querol (St. Mary’s University-Nueva Vizcaya), Ma. Melvyn P. Alamis (University of Santo Tomas), Katrina Ninfa S. Morales (University of Santo Tomas), Sterling M. Plata (De La Salle University), Bonifacio T. Cunanan (Bulacan State University), Alejandro S. Bernardo University of Santo Tomas), and Paolo Nino Valdez (De La Salle University) and are a mark of the Filipino ESL teachers’ heightened interest in research which in return, would affect improved pedagogy and classroom practices. It is therefore hoped that a greater number of ESL teachers and researchers will find them very timely, informative, interesting, and worth applying in their respective contexts.

The circle of reviewers comprised of Dr. Allan Benedict I. Bernardo (De La Salle University), Dr. Bonifacio T. Cunanan (Bulacan State University), Dr. Shirley N. Dita (De La Salle University), Dr. Merlyn V. Lee (De La Salle University – Dasmariñas), Dr. Marilu R. Madrunio (University of Santo Tomas), Dr. Carlo P. Magno (De La Salle University), Dr. Isabel P. Martin (Ateneo de Manila University),

Dr. Remedios Z. Miciano (De La Salle University), Dr. Emely B. Orillos (University of Santo Tomas), and Dr. Sterling M. Plata (De La Salle University) spent much time to critique the articles and to ensure that they pass the publication standards and meet the expectations of local and international readers.

It is our fervent desire that this special issue of Philippine ESL Journal will contribute to making ESL teaching and learning a setting for more investigative and scholarly pursuits not only in the country but also far outside the Philippine shores. 

Alejandro S. Bernardo

Guest Editor

Department of English

University of Santo Tomas

Manila, Philippines 

Volume 5. July 2010.

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1. Foreword. Alejandro S. Bernardo. PDF

2. Zayda S. Asuncion. Filipino College Freshman Students’ Oral Compensatory Strategies. PDF

3. Marites B. Querol. College Students’ Use of Affective and Social Language Learning Strategies: A Classroom-Based Research. PDF

4. Ma. Melvyn P. Alamis. Evaluating Students’ Reactions and Responses to Teachers’ Written Feedbacks. PDF

5. Katrina Ninfa S. Morales. Promoting the Reading Comprehension of Freshmen Engineering Students through an Interactive Approach to Content-Based Materials. PDF

6. Sterling M. Plata. Standards and Assessment in the 2010 English Curriculum for High School: A Philippine Case Study. PDF

7. Bonifacio T. Cunanan. Item Learning and System Learning: Contextualizing the Blend of a Structure-based and Notional-Functional ESL Syllabus. PDF

8. Alejandro S. Bernardo. Hybrid Rhetoric in Professional Writing: The Case of American and Filipino Parents’ Letters of Excuse from School. PDF

9. Paolo Nino Valdez. Reflections on Using the Digital Portfolio in Academic Writing in a Philippine University: Problems and Possibilities. PDF

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