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| January 14, 2014

TESOL Asia TESOL Certificate courses -Summer 2013 Philippines

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Volume 11. August 2013.

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Cover and Index PDF

1. Editorial Commentary: An Amalgamation of Insights from Research representing Philippines, Taiwan, and Indonesia

Leah Espada Gustilo. PDF 

2. Exploring Teachers’ Beliefs on the Teaching of English in English Language Courses in Indonesia. Flora Debora Floris. PDF

3. English Language Policy for Elementary Schools in Taiwan: What Parents Think. G. Benjamin White. PDF

4. Motivations for Code-switching in Advertising and the Construction of Consumers’ Multiple Identities: The Case of Philippine TV Commercials. Teresita D. Tajolosa. PDF

5. Organizational Framework in Editorials of Two Philippine Local Newspapers. Aireen L. Barrios. PDF

6. Investigating the Relationship Between College Students’ Self-Perception and Actual Performance in Reading and in Writing. Maria B. Cequeña, Jessie S. Barrot, Karen L. Gabinete, Aireen L. Barrios, Eduardo A. Bolaños. PDF

7. A Simplified Stem-Based System Description of Hiligaynon, Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs. Marilou C. Santos. PDF

Volume 10. February 2013.

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1. Editorial Commentary: Exemplifying Multidisciplinary Research in Philippine Applied Linguistics. Leah E. Gustilo. PDF

Part 1: Sociolinguistic and Discourse Analytic Studies

2. Avoidance and Corrective Practices in Performing Two Face-threatening Speech Acts in the Workplace. Pamela Skouhus. PDF

3. Code-switching in Television-mediated Political Campaign Ads in the Philippines. Paulina Gocheco. PDF

4. Tagalog or Taglish: The Lingua Franca of Filipino Urban Factory Workers. Mikhail Alic Go and Leah E. Gustilo. PDF

5. Examining the Usage of “actually” and “in fact” in Philippine English through a Corpus-based Analysis. Miren Montoya Morales. PDF

Part 2: Psycholinguistics, Bilingual and Language Learning Studies

6. Does Blogging Facilitate the Development of Students’ Writing Skills? Maria Cequena. PDF

7. Foreign Language Learning Motivation and Anxiety among Iranian Students in the Philippines. Hamid Gomari and Rochelle Irene Lucas. PDF

8. Readers’ Metacognitive Strategies as Predictors of Reading Comprehension. Joahna Mante Estacio. PDF

9. A Comparative Study on the Language Anxiety of ESL and EFL Learners. Alice Mae A. Mamhot, Maria Hannah V. Martin, and Elaine M. Masangya. PDF

10. The Significance of Language Exposure with Writing Self-Efficacy and Apprehension. of Filipino ESL Writers. Jose Cristina M. Parina and Kristine De Leon. PDF

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