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| January 21, 2014

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Welcome to the summer edition of the Philippine ESL Journal. This is the inaugural edition and we thank the sister journal, the Asian EFL Journal for providing key articles to begin the journal’s life.  We are also proud to be connected to De La Salle University in Manila, where the finest educational traditions can be found.

We are also proud to promote the TESOL certificate course run by the Asian EFL Journal and supported by Anaheim University in the USA. This is without doubt the most professional course TESOL training you can undertake. Already 100s of Philippine teachers have availed themselves of the course.

The Philippines has become the Mecca for English language learning. Although most will not recognize this fact, over 300,000 students from Asian countries come to the Philippines to learn English from Filipino teachers every month, and the surge increase. This journal is the first attempt to track what is becoming a new wave in English language learning.

In this edition we have 6 articles for your reading. The topics we cover are of importance to classroom teachers in the Philippines. In coming editions we will look at articles dealing with the one on one teaching style so common in ESL classes across the Philippines and the implications for teacher student from this unique scenario only found in this ESL zone.

We look forward to your submissions and continued support


Dr. Paul Robertson


Philippine ESL Journal

Volume 1. 2008.

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1. Foreword. Dr. Paul Robertson 

2. Mango, Carlo. Reading Strategy, Amount of Writing, Metacognition, Metamemory, and Apprehension as Predictors of English Written Proficiency

3. Xiaoying Wang. Three Ways to Motivate Chinese Students in EFL Listening Classes

4. Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa. Developing EFL learners’ intercultural communicative competence: A gap tobe filled?

5. Foss, Patrick, Carney, Nathaniel, McDonald, Kurtis and Rooks, Matthew. Project-Based Learning Activities for Short-Term Intensive English Programs

6. Mynard, Jo. A blog as a Tool for Reflection for English      

Language Learners

7. Ellis, Rod. Educational Settings and Second Language Learning

8. Asian EFL Journal TESOL Certificate     

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