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| January 21, 2014

| Volume 2 February 2009 |

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I would like to welcome the readers to the Volume 2, February 2009 edition of the Philippine ESL journal. I am very proud to introduce the empirical reports produced by the distinguished experts in ESL and psycholinguistics studies that went through extensive reviews. The articles selected for this volume manifest strength in theorizing for learners about ESL. The Philippines being one of the countries occasionally visited by Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, and others for training and education in English courses is an indicator of the countries’ reputation as competent English speakers. Dr. Paul Roberston mentioned in his foreword that “The Philippines has become the Mecca for English language learning.” This viewpoint makes Filipino English speakers accountable in developing and providing effective educational programs for fellow Asians. In this regard, the studies in this volume highlight some of the strengths of ESL in the Philippines. The study by Ralph Blay, Kathleen Ann Mercado, and Jobell Villacorta used a motivational framework to predict competency in reading comprehension. The study by Elaine Masangya and Louella Lozada provided a new insight on exposure to the English language that resulted to less error frequencies in writing an English essay. The study by Paul Ong, Vernese Liao, and Rosemarie Alimon further extended theory by showing that English speaking Filipinos have better retention of the learning material if exposed to American-English accent and transfer is better when exposed to a standard-English accent. And lastly, my article provided four perspectives that teachers need to realize in teaching learners who speak EFL.

 The success of this volume was made possible with the initiative, dedication, and passion of Dr. Paul Roberston in taking part in the enrichment of knowledge in the field of ESL studies in the Philippines. Dr. Paul Robertson conceptualized the journal as very specialized about English as a Second Language and the best place in Asia to concentrate the researches is in the Philippines given the Filipinos rich background and history in the use of the language. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Dr. Rochelle Lucas in co-editing the articles in this volume. It is our goal to bring the journal as one of the leading top tier journals in ESL and studies in Asia and the Pacific.


Carlo Magno

Senior Associate Editor

Philippine ESL Journal

Volume 2. February 2009.

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1. Foreword. Carlo Magno

2. Ralph Blay, Kathleen Ann Mercado, and Jobell Villacorta. The Relationship between Motivation and Second Language Reading Comprehension among Fourth Grade Filipino Students

3. Elaine M. Masangya and Louella Lozada. An Investigation on the Relationship between the Language Exposures and Errors in English Essays of High School students 

4. Paul Kelvin Ong, Vernese Liao, and Rosemarie Alimon. Effect of Speaker Accent on Students’ Learning and Speaker-Rating: A Replication. 

5. Carlo Magno. Developing Contemporary Teaching Perspectives for EFL Teachers.

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