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4- That you, the submitter, by submitting your article, confirm and agree that the work is wholly your own, and where ideas or thoughts have been included that emanated from a third party, you have clearly acknowledged, in a scholarly way, that fact, and that you, the submitter, agree unreservedly not to claim financial reward for the said online publishing of your article. You further confirm that the article has not been published elsewhere or is in consideration for publishing elsewhere. PESLJ may from time to time request two independent names who may be contacted by PESLJ.

5- That once you have agreed to have your article published on-line, it will not be removed unless -your written request is forwarded to PESLJ and responded to. The decision to remove any article remains absolutely with PESLJ.

6- Every year critically acclaimed articles are compiled and published in that year’s journal. By agreeing to have your article published on this Internet site, you unreservedly agree that your article may be entered into that year’s journal.

7. Copyright.© of articles remains with the author, the author agrees unreservedly to allow PESLJ to post that article on-line or in any hard bound publication as PESLJ determines in their sole discretion.

8. The PESLJ grants permission for articles published on this site to be photocopied without any request for royalties, subject to the following conditions: (a) that reproductions must only be used for non profit educational purposes (b) that each photocopy include the entire bibliography (c) that where an article author specifically claims copyright, ©, that be attached.

9. The Philippine ESL Journal is a-political and Editorial management may not be discussed.